Essential Oils

Mother Nature offers you gifts each day…

Plants grow under the magical sun and moon. They offer their fruits, flowers, leaves, barks and woods so we may utilise their amazing essential oils. By using and cherishing these oils we honour the earth and all she has to offer, and we will benefit from and feel the endless vitality they have to offer. Along with incredible spiritual and emotional connections.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the part of the plant which allows it to survive and thrive in its environment. These aromatic compounds within each plant ward off pests, attract friendly herbivores and heal the plant from injury and infection. These compounds of the petals, leaves, bark, resin and/or rind of the plant play a crucial role in its longevity and resilience.

It’s easy to see why extracting these compounds and bringing them into our lives can benefit us in a similar way that it does to the plant.

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Why doTerra products?

I have chosen to share doTERRA, a world leading essential oils company, for many reasons:  

  • They produce a standard of essential oils that are pure and therapeutic grade.

  • Rigorous testing by third parties ensures that every bottle contains nothing but the desired therapeutic qualities of the plant.

  • The plants are grown in around 40 countries around the world, simply because nature does it best and when a plant is in its natural environment, thriving in the correct soil and surrounded by the idea climate, the oils produced are of the highest grade, both physically and spiritually. 

  • Over half of the nations where the oils come from are developing countries.

  • doTERRA works hand in hand with local farmers, where the knowledge of these plants has been passed through generations.

  • Aligning with doTERRA, you will be making a difference to families around the world, who otherwise you may never be able to touch. 

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How doTerra helped me

After a terrible year of struggling with my health, the crippling pain of ovarian cysts and endometriosis and crippling anxiety, I was excited and intrigued to find natural alternatives to bring my body back to balance. I quickly learnt that doTERRA could not only help me get a better nights sleep but could help my allergies and start to elimate toxins from my home.

Creating a safer environment my husband, beloved puppies and of course myself became top priority after learning so much through our amazing support network. doTERRA empowers me each and everyday to care for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Today doTERRA's essential oils and products are the key to my daily self care regime. I start the day adding two drops of Lemon oil to my water in the morning and diffusing uplifting scents to set the tone for the day (I can not live without Citrus Bliss). Through the day I use them in cooking, my drinking water, wear them as perfume as well as to tackle any health challenges. At night they become my greatest companion, helping me to meditate deeper and sleep peacefully. 

An invitation

I’m looking for like-minded men and women who are passionate about sharing the wisdom and magic of these precious gifts. If you are ready to embrace combining your unique talents with the power of these essential oils, then I'd like to welcome you into my circle. You will be supported by myself and hundreds of other people who are all passionate about seeing you succeed and become the most fabulous version of yourself that is possible.

This is not an opportunity of sales, but an opportunity to reach out and touch people, make connections and educate and inspire them to welcome natural solutions for their health challenges. I am here to walk beside you, help you grow and lead by example. We will stand behind an amazing company with a rich culture, excellent training, world-class product and generous compensation plan.

If you are feeling unfulfilled with your life, work, health and financial position but deep within you a voice suggests another way, this is it.