Your spiritual needs

Spiritual enrichment and balance are very important at The Hippie Cartel! 

Let us help you on your spiritual journey in a unique and modern way… using a range of techniques including crystal healing, Tibetan bowls and the use of essential oils, we will help you restore balance to your main energy points called chakras.

Our treatments are very personalised and intuitive, with healings varying depending on the client’s needs.

You are unique and after a consultation with your healer you can be confident that your spiritual needs will be catered for in a relaxing and safe environment.


Crystal Healings

1.5 hour treatment

$120 or 3 sessions for $310 (saving $50)

Chakra body scan using a crystal pendulum, chakra clearing and balancing using intuitively chosen crystals, use of doTERRA essential oils.

This service is only offered in my Hippie Room in New Berrima.


Ear candling

$40 for ½- 45 min treatment

Can be used to treat:

Excess ear wax
Ear infections
Swimmers ear
Relief of tinnitus
Relief of sinus pain and pressure
Itchy ears
Draw out toxins and pollutants

Ear candling involves inserting the ear candle into the ear and lighting the other end. Heat created from the flame helps draw out ear wax and other debris from the ear canal. The technique has been used for thousands of years in Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and American Indian cultures.

On a holistic level ear candling is thought to have a psychic, emotional and spiritual impact on a person and can remove negative toxins and revives the energy flow to the chakras.