The Hippie

You know that thing, SPORTS LUXE? ...whatever that is! 

But just keeping thinking, HIPPIE LUXE.

We are a modern woman. 

We are for the girl that has it all.

Cool but casual on the weekend.

Seriously, it’s not all tie dye, chanting and incense (well, maybe a little bit of incense).

BUT we can have it all - all of it - and stay balanced and grounded too…

The Modern Hippie.

And she belongs to…


Who we are?

Inspire | Grow | Dream | Create

The Hippie Cartel is a place where we cater for all of your spiritual needs. From modern and stylish products for your home, to cleansing your private sanctuary and balancing your energy through crystal healings… we have you covered. 

We see a need in our modern, fast paced society to help those modern hippies of the world, to live their most positive, free-spirited life in this crazy world! 

Ethical and environmentally conscious, we strive to supply our customers with the highest quality goods and spiritual services.

We want to inspire you to grow, dream and create.


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"I’m as happy as I have always been."

I have always wanted more and this is how The Hippie Cartel was born. Bored with my day job, I decided to enrol in a Nature Healers course and it has been all systems go ever since… so many ideas, so little time. This course gave me the qualifications I needed to practice my learnt craft on myself, friends and family.

I have always dabbled in anything and everything to feed my spiritual soul… you name it I’ve tried it or done a course - chakra healings, dance therapy, kinesiology, reiki, Tibetan bowls, collecting crystals, angel card readings, reflexology… the list goes on.

It all goes hand in hand but I have now found what I love the most - the use of crystals for healing and essential oils.